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Traceability means the control of products flow both within the company, during manufacturing, and outside, in this case it refers to the passage of products through the supply chain or to the end user.

Over the years, the traceability needs have increased exponentially both for the prescriptions coming from the standards in specific sectors, such as the UDI in the medical field, and as a real tool for continuous improvement of the product or production cycle.

Behind this there is the ability to accurately identify each individual item, or batch of items, managing to trace the raw material through the various processes and transformations.

The ability to mark different materials, plastic or metal, with alphanumeric codes or 1D or 2D barcodes quickly, cost-effectively and indelibly makes the laser the best tool to support any traceability need.

Identifying the part is not enough, the laser marker must also be an open tool with powerful management software that can be interfaced with ERP, MES or other management systems to allow the necessary data collection.

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