Marking and engraving are among the most popular laser applications in the industry. They are mainly used for product or supply chain traceability and as an indelible tool for reporting writings, logos, engravings and drawings on any type of material.

We design solutions for the following application fields:

  • Automotive
  • Medical & Pharma
  • Tools
  • Pipes & Cable
  • Aerospace
  • Medical & Pharma
  • Electronics
  • Oil & Gas
  • Animal Identification

We are available to design Custom solutions for specific customer applications.


Conceived to work with wide autonomy, HEXAGON manages an integrated pallet warehouse that makes it autonomous for many working hours. The artificial vision system supports the loading function on the trays, identifying, centering and rotating the workings on the pieces. The possibility of integrating robotic solutions within HEXAGON allows you to overcome the limits of traditional LASER systems.


Unique solution on the market, MANTIS has been specifically developed for laser processing on cables and pipes, ranging from stripping to marking, from cleaning to welding. The versatility of the system allows to work both in stand alone configuration and in enslavement to automatic lines or extruders. The integrated vision system allows easy centering of processing even on very small diameters and the possibility of Marking On The Fly allows exceptional process speeds.


ICON combines small size and ease of use, creating the high-performance desktop solution, optimal for marking and traceability needs. ICON ergonomics and simplicity of work are unique in the sector, with simple and intuitive software, front control touch display and large work area.


Due to its technical characteristics, TITAN represents a powerful, versatile and configurable system with automations and robots, designed to meet all types of marking / engraving needs. TITAN is also available in the ROTOMAX version with rotary table for high productivity applications.


LUX is the OEM solution of EVLASER, a compact and versatile LASER for integration, available in the variants: UV DPSS, GREEN DPSS, FIBER LASER, CO2, BLUE LASER.

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