Evlaser is leader in laser technologies and advanced industrial automations, such as advanced robotics, artificial vision, handling systems and automation, complex algorithms and artificial intelligence.

The company has two branches: Industrial solutions and medical devices for aesthetic medicine and surgery.

With over 5000 systems produced and sold all over the world, EVLASER ensures expertise in the choice of solutions, proficiency and high quality in the realization of products for marking, engraving, micro-cutting, drilling, welding and micro-machining applications of materials. Each customer process is different and we are able to offer you dedicated solutions to face your challenges today and tomorrow, in a long-term and mutually satisfying relationship.

EVLASER, for 41 years, technological excellence at your service.


The Foundation

The company is established in Fiorano al Serio (BG) and begins its growth path over more than 40 years. The collaboration with the University of Milan and with the leading scientists of the Italian laser scene of those years mean that EVLaser is among the first companies to launch the first Laser Marking, Welding and Cutting systems on the Italian market.


The birth of the Medical Division

The company enters the Medical laser market, dedicating itself mainly to aesthetic and surgical medicine.


The new Headquarters

The company headquarters moves to a new facility, larger and more appropriate to get business development, in Casnigo (BG).


Artificial Vision

Production of the first welding machine with artificial vision and with advanced process management software.


Automation with Robot

Production of the first machine with automatic robot handling of the items.


ISO9001 Certification

The company obtains the first ISO9001 certification of its quality management system.


ISO13485 Certification

The company obtains the first ISO13485 certification of its quality management system oriented to the medical devices sector.


The acquisition and the new Business Release

The company is acquired by the businessman from Bergamo, Mr. Maurizio Radici, who is a part of the family owning the eponymous Radici Group, a leader in the chemical and textile sector with an annual turnover of 1.5 billions of Euros.


The company is committed to a development project for industrial and medical divisions. The new industrial product park and the new medical certifications complete the offer for the end user. The internal improvement initiative focused on efficiency and quality raises the level of quality and service even further to the benefit of the market.

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We are a dynamic, global and innovative company and we consider people at the center of our development. We continually strive to create career paths for our staff and in high-level training of each resource.

Working with us means joining a team solid, motivated and ready for ambitious new challenges.

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