EVLASER has consolidated experience in the field of micro-machining such as micro-drilling, micro-engravings, micro-cutting, micro-structuring, processing of thin films and micro-marking. We are able to provide technological platforms and opto-electronics solutions to achieve processing with the highest precision and quality results.

We design solutions for the following application fields:

  • Micro Mechanical Parts
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Electronics
  • Mold Making
  • Aerospace
  • Photovoltaic & Semiconductors
  • Watches

We are available to design Custom solutions for specific customer applications.


QUANTUM represents the most complete and flexible platform dedicated to micromachining.

The system can mount Ultra Fast (USP) Femtosecond or Picosecond (IR, Green, UV) laser sources and up to 5-axis automation and movement sources with nanometric accuracy that allow to obtain excellent high-precision machining without altered thermal zones.

Perfect holes, micrometric patterns, cuts with sharp edges and ultra-steep excavations are just some of the challenges that QUANTUM can face.


Titan Micromax

TITAN MICROMAX is the entry level platform dedicated to micromachining. With a structure with an electro-welded frame and a granite worktop, it is able to guarantee stable and repeatable processes.

The system can mount Nanosecond sources (UV DPSS, Green DPSS), capable of facing demanding applications with high precision results.

Titan Micromax

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