As result of more than 40 years of experience, our products are the synthesis of the technical excellence in the lasers, artificial vision and robotics fields and, more in general, in the industrial processes.

Customer focus, ability to create customized projects and quality of our solutions are our guarantee of success.

Our investments in Research and Development allow us to offer innovative, highly technological and future-oriented solutions


LUX is Evlaser's OEM solution, a compact and versatile class IV laser marker to be inserted in-line or integrated into automations. All materials can be marked with LUX thanks to the integration of fiber sources, UV sources or CO2 sources.
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ICON combines compact dimensions and ease of use, creating the optimal Desktop solution for marking and traceability needs of small batches. ICON can be integrated into cells, including robotic ones, to work in coordination with factory information and logistics systems to Industry 4.0 perspective. The exceptional working ergonomics of ICON is guaranteed by the door opened on 3 sides, available with automatic movement, and by the inspection window certified by 300x400mm. ICON is also available in the self-supporting version.
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For technical characteristics, TITAN represents a unique system, designed to satisfy any type of marking, engraving and traceability requirement, for mass production or batch working in coordination with factory information and logistics systems from Industry 4.0 point of view. The system is available in configuration up to 3 linear axes with encoder, a rotary axis, with automatic door open on 3 sides and with a certified large inspection window 270x500mm. All customer materials can be marked with TITAN through the integration of Fiber, UV or CO2 sources.
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ATLAS is the compact machine for manual welding point of reference for the category.
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Titan Weld

The automatic station TITAN WELD represents Evlaser’s flagship in the welding field.
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Matrix – Software Suite

Matrix is an advanced Software Suite developed thanks to thirty years of experience in marking, welding and cutting laser systems and ready for the Industry 4.0 challenges.
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Vision Systems

Advanced Vision Devices (AVD) are a key part of our offer, as they are integrated into complex systems designed for various application areas.
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