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From Keychains to Pens: marking and engraving Accessories with the Lase

From Keychains to Pens: Laser marking and engraving on Accessories

Laser marking is a process in which the beam is used to engrave, remove or discolour the material on which it is directed.

This technique can be used on virtually all materials, starting with metals such as steel, passing through wood, plastics, ceramics and glass.

Among its many advantages are the speed and precision of processing and the possibility of operating on extremely small dimensions.

It is for these reasons that today laser marking is widely used in the field of personalization of gadgets and accessories, to create unique objects in this way.

The classic example in this sense is the laser engraving of the ballpoint pen on which the company data are reported.

Let's see below some of the many applications of laser marking on a wide range of accessories.

Laser engraving on iPhone and iPad

Laser engraving on iPhone and iPad is one of the most common applications in the field of accessory marking. The back of the iPhone is made of silver or white anodized aluminum that can be customized with customized designs, text or logos, such as in the case of a company or university logo.

To perform laser engraving on iPad and iPhone, ceramic compounds can also be used to mark stainless steel and customize it with different colors. Results vary from darker finishes, such as space gray, to lighter ones.

Laser engraving on Iphone and Ipad

Personalized Keychains with Laser Engraving

Laser engraving for key rings and other items such as pins and ballpoint pens meets the needs of companies looking for personalized gadgets bearing the company logo, a short slogan or some important contact details.

This procedure can be carried out on a wide variety of objects that have different shapes and materials.

Here, therefore, you can go from laser engraving of plastic ballpoint pens, to laser engraving of personalized metal key rings up to the engraving of glass objects and souvenirs or water bottles, in the event that the request for personalization comes from example from an association of amateur cyclists.

The laser engraving of the bottle guarantees high quality and ecological processing that does not affect the properties of the processed object so there are absolutely no health risks.

Laser Engraving on Personalized Keychains

Laser engraving and marking on other types of accessories

Glass and Ceramic Accessories

Glass, ceramic and marble are delicate materials that must be handled with care. Once again the absence of direct contact between the laser source and the material to be processed makes laser engraving the best option for working fragile materials such as glass and ceramic to create customized accessories, such as a beer mug with the logo. company and a mug decorated with an image. The result is always sharp and well defined, as well as being resistant to chemicals.

Wood Accessories

Laser engraving is used indiscriminately to be applied to soft or hard materials. Wood, in its various types and also when it comes to already painted wood, is part of the category of materials that can be worked with the laser.

Thanks to the laser, precious woods can be marked to create elegant and unique accessories, which thus

combine an artisan style with the use of modern technology.

Laser Engraving on Wood Accessories

Paper Accessories

Other accessories and gadgets that can be customized or processed using laser marking are business cards, greeting cards, wedding invitations and product packaging, just to name a few.

Thanks to the use of lasers, these simple everyday objects are transformed into real works of art that contain personalized images, drawings and writings.

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