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Laser engraving on jewels: speed, precision and efficiency

Laser engraving on jewels

As is happening in many other areas, also in the fashion and jewelry sector, laser systems have supplanted traditional and mechanical methods to carry out various processing operations such as marking, cutting and engraving.

A great variety of materials such as gold, silver and diamonds, and of objects such as rings, bracelets and watches are now processed thanks to laser engraving systems.

What can be engraved with the laser

The professionals who work in the jewelry sector are among the most demanding in terms of quality and precision of the workmanship to guarantee their customers an extremely refined and elegant product.

This is why traditional marking methods such as mechanical engraving, etching, pad printing or chemical engraving have been supplanted by the use of lasers which are used on materials such as gold, silver, platinum, copper, etc. bronze, titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, but also glass and a wide range of coated metals.

Laser engraving on jewelry allows you to create texts and decorations on watches and jewelry such as bracelets, with personalized messages, and guaranteeing extremely precise and fast processing at all times, which also reduces production costs.

The laser engraving of wedding rings allows for example to personalize the rings with the name of the spouse and the date of the wedding, but the laser is used more and more for creative and design purposes since it allows to engrave even entire sentences, shapes, motifs, photos, logos and barcodes on the chosen


Jeweler working with luxury jewelry

How does laser engraving on jewelry work

In practice, laser engraving performs a deep marking of the precious metal that penetrates the surface by removing an infinitesimal part of it and thus creating the relief on which it is possible to read a number, a letter or see an image.

The laser beam heats the area on which it is focused, also causing a discoloration of the area where the jewelry is engraved, so the marking is even sharper.

With the right power, the laser is also able to engrave and cut thin metals or create intricate designs for the elaboration of elegant necklaces and bracelets, while another laser process, welding, allows you to assemble pieces that are different from each other and made up of materials. different or to carry out precise jewelry repairs.

Laser engraving on jewels is a technique that does not need further processing on the object after being applied or a preparation of the material, so it is quick and safe and allows you to engrave watches, necklaces, bracelets and rings in a very short time. and with a high definition result.

The advantages of laser engraving on jewelry

The laser systems allow you to make extremely precise cuts and engravings on jewels, which allows you to have refined, elegant results with a very high level of finish.

Ultra-short pulse sources allow you to work the most varied materials in sectors such as watchmaking, precision micro-engraving or to perform advanced operations such as micro-marking of identification codes.

The laser used by an expert operator is a safe, precise and accurate technique for making the engraving and which does not damage the jewel in the slightest.

The laser marking is indelible and does not need retouching, therefore it resists over time and the action of chemical and atmospheric agents.

The costs associated with the use of laser machinery that can use fiber or Nd: YAG laser sources are extremely low, with waste material practically reduced to zero and a great processing speed.

Laser engraving on 0.45 ct brilliant cut diamond

Laser Engraving on Diamonds: the guarantee certificate

When you buy a jewel you also make an investment and you need to have adequate guarantees on what you are buying. The laser engraving on diamonds serves precisely to guarantee the origin of this asset.

Diamonds can be considered a safe haven asset and are usually purchased in electronically sealed containers.

The guarantee on their origin is certified thanks to a laser engraving that is made on the diamond and is invisible to the naked eye.

This engraving represents the guarantee certificate and certifies its value. Laser-certified diamonds are recognized by very few organizations in the world that have this faculty including the Gemological Institute of America and the Hoge Raad voor Diamant.

Similarly, the laser engraving on the glass of fine watches allows you to customize this object with exquisite decorations without running the risk of producing micro-cracks.

The engraving also serves as a safety mark and as a guarantee certificate on the originality of the piece, to avoid counterfeiting.

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