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The strengths and applications of laser engraving on stone, marble and granite

Laser Applications for Engraving on stone, marble and granite

Laser engraving of marble is now strongly recommended for working this special type of stone and for engraving writings, drawings and even photographs. It is a suitable technique for engraving dark and light marble, and with it you can create furniture and decorative elements for the home, create art and design objects and customize tiles and tiles.

How laser engraving on marble works

The laser engraving process of the marble bleaches the color of the marble surface to reveal the underlying white stone. When laser engraving marble, the marble is placed on the engraving table and the laser engraver converges on the marble.

For best results, 2-inch lenses are used for laser engraving of marble. Before removing the marble from the worktop, you can examine the image to see if it is clear enough and possibly refine it with further processing for subsequent iterations. However, the use of excessive power should be avoided because it will create a faded effect.

The source usually used for stone engraving is the CO2 laser, suitable for creating very fine and sharp engravings and writings with resolution up to 1200 dpi. Laser engraving can penetrate a few millimeters into the marble and to make things more lively, the grooves created with gold inks can be filled. Once finished, any dust residues should be removed with a soft cloth.

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Factory marble blocks lined up at the construction site

The advantages of laser engraving on stone and marble

Laser engraving on stone such as marble has made it possible to replace the old processing techniques such as polishing, bush hammering, etching and sandblasting. Compared to these techniques, in fact, laser engraving on marble brings with it several advantages.

The laser allows you to work the piece of marble without direct contact thus greatly reducing the risk of accidental breakage of the stone, which often occurs during the engraving of the marble performed with more traditional techniques.

Laser engraving allows you to process different materials using the same laser machine, which is adapted according to the processing. This is a strong point of laser machines for stone engraving, as it eliminates the problem of wear, typical of contact processing.

When a marble worker or craftsman works a marble slab with traditional methods, he is forced to move machinery that can be very dangerous if not handled with care by specialized personnel.

The laser engraving on marble is also resistant to chemical and atmospheric agents so it offers the guarantee of maximum durability.

Sample colors in natural stone on display

Other positive aspects

  • Maximum precision and finishing of details. The laser engraving on stone allows to obtain a high quality definition up to the point of printing a photograph with different shades of gray on the surface of the marble, if this is smooth enough. The speed of execution allows for optimal production costs.
  • Free rein to creativity. The ease of use of the marble laser engraving machine allows you to produce different types of designs, decorations and effects which can then be reproduced in series at great speed thanks to the appropriate software.
  • Security. The fact that laser processing of marble does not require the use of dangerous tools and that no waste materials are generated such as dust that remain suspended in the air makes the operator's work safer.
  • Low environmental impact. Not only with laser engraving there are no production waste or residues, only a little smoke that after being filtered can be released into the air, but the benefits for the environment also concern the great savings in terms of energy.
Detail of marble engraving

Marble or Granite: how to choose

The elements that offer the best result when it comes to laser engraving are polished natural stones such as marble, granite and basalt. In general, to obtain a better result, the rule is to use a marble or stone with the least possible number of veins. If the marble slab has a homogeneous appearance with a fine grain and is smooth and flat, the result will be a laser engraving with greater contrast and clarity.

Marble and granite are excellent materials for engraving photos. This is mainly due to the fact that granite and marble produce an impressive contrast when engraved. If you use a dark colored marble, you will get a high contrast, so you won't need to add artificial color.

The simplest way to know which material to choose between marble and granite is to start from where the engraved object will be displayed, that is, if it will be inside the house or if it will be exposed outdoors?

If it is a piece for interiors, you can use both marble and granite, while if the piece will be exposed to the elements, it will be better to carry out laser engraving on granite, since the latter is a harder and more resistant material than marble.

Marble can also be used to create an elegant coaster that can withstand high temperatures and pressures.

Granite engraving of a face

Applications of Stone Engravings

The stone laser engraving technology allows you to work different types of materials such as granite and precious marble for both indoor and outdoor use. The marbles can be both dark and white and an elegant and refined result will always be obtained.

Among the many possible applications of the laser there is the engraving of cemetery tombstones and different objects in Carrara marble, in order to permanently impress names, dates and commemorative phrases.

Architects and companies dedicated to the construction sector, in particular those who create tiles, can add value to their products by customizing their designs with the use of laser engraving that allows you to engrave various graphics on marble, both modern and classic. .

Through this technology, it is therefore possible to give a new luster to many objects, including design elements, gift items, works of art, but also slabs, kitchen worktops and sinks.

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