Titan Rotomax

The TITAN platform is also available in the ROTOMAX version with rotary table, for high productivity applications. For technical characteristics ROTOMAX represents a wide system with a rotating table up to 1000mm in diameter, versatile and configurable, designed to satisfy every type of marking and engraving need. ROTOMAX allows you to take advantage of the operator's loading in masked time and therefore to process high production volumes.

The X and Y axes allow you to fully exploit the work area of the rotary table for processing batches in pallets or products with multiple markings.

Robust and reliable, it can be configured with 2D and 3D scanning laser heads.

Available in version with 2, 4, 6, 8 loading positions.

All customer materials can be processed with ROTOMAX thanks to the integration of the ideal LASER source for each application.

Titan Rotomax

The modularity-oriented design makes the ROTOWELD system the best response to the needs for flexibility and productivity that the dynamism of the modern market imposes. The piece loading in masked time makes possible much higher production volumes compared to traditional systems.


The configuration with a rotary table up to 1000mm in diameter and with up to three X / Y / Z positioning axes makes the system suitable for fully exploiting the work area of the table for processing batches in pallets or products with multiple markings.

3. Matrix Suite + Easypad

The innovative machine management enabled by the brand new MATRIX software and the EASYPAD machine front operator panel makes the system easy and ergonomic. The customer's marking needs are completely fulfilled by the interface, which is so simple and intuitive that it does not require training. EASYPAD, touch and multifunctional, allows the user to control the machine and the basic functions of the software without having to access the PC.

Matrix – Software Suite

Matrix is an advanced Software Suite developed thanks to thirty years of experience in Laser Marking, Engraving, Welding and Micromachining systems and ready for the challenges of Industry 4.0. It represents the state of the art of work functions and has the best man-machine interface on the market. This makes the training times of the operators practically nil and makes even more intense use pleasant. The practical EASYPAD touch on the front of the machine allows the operator to control the primary functions of MATRIX even without accessing the PC, allowing for a reduction in working times and making it easier to use.

Matrix – Software Suite
1. "Matrixlive"

Function that allows you to visually center the position of the piece thanks to the "live overlay" display and to be able to perform the machining as displayed on the screen.


Integrated management of traceability thanks to the possible interfacing with management software, ERP, MES or database and to the reading and verification functions of texts or 1D / 2D codes through the integrated vision system

3. Add-on Packages

Modularity-oriented development allows the customer to configure MATRIX according to their needs. New needs will be easily addressed thanks to the packages and customizations that can be installed even after purchase using the convenient "LIVESERVICE" remote connection tool.

4. Smart Factory Ready

The Smart 4.0 package allows you to have remote control and monitoring of the system, with Reporting and Analytics on the productivity and quality of the work center and with the management of all the connections necessary for the factory interconnection.

Vision Systems

Advanced Vision Devices (AVD), are a fundamental part of our offer, as they integrate into complex systems designed for the various application sectors. The use of recognition algorithms, neural networks and artificial intelligence makes the field of use and potential extremely extensive. The native integration of vision features with MATRIX software programming allows unparalleled flexibility in the management of production processes.

Vision Systems
1. Pattern Matching

"PATTERN MATCHING" function for automatic recognition of the position of the piece and consequent automatic alignment of the machining."PATTERN MATCHING" function for automatic recognition of the position of the piece and consequent automatic alignment of the machining.

2. Quality Inspection

"QUALITY INSPECTION" function for the recognition of attributes on the piece (color, shape, size, presence or absence of artefacts, surface finish, etc.), with the assignment of a Pass / Fail or a Class of Membership.

3. OCR – Barcode 1D/2D

Functionality of reading and verification of texts (OCR) or 1D / 2D codes (barcode, datamatrix, QR code, etc.) integrated with the software to fulfill the traceability needs of the process or to guarantee the quality and the result in the case of a marking.

4. Autofocus

The Automatic Autofocus function allows the adjustment of the working height without the need for operator intervention.

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