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MICROMACHINING SOLUTIONS Micromachining applications in the MEDICAL sector are widespread, mainly in the areas of strip tests, such as for example for the analysis of blood glucose in diabetic patients, where a pattern is created on the strips on a polymeric substrate to facilitate the ascent of the blood. In transdermal drug dispensers (patches), where micro-holes are made on surfaces that allow prolonged release of the drug over time. In the realization of micro-holes and microstructures in devices for the management of fluids, such as microfilters, catheters, stents, biosensors, etc.

INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS The processes required in the medical and dental sector must match quality, hygiene, resistance to aggressive washing and sterilization cycles and above all biocompatibility that only Laser technology guarantees. The marking of medical implants and instruments finds the elective technology in Laser systems. The European EC (MDR), American FDA and international regulations require careful identification of the products during their life cycle, through serial or 1D / 2D barcodes. In the dental field, the use of lasers is oriented not only to identification, but even to functional processes such as the marking of depth indicators on dental burs or manual welding of small details. The range of technologies available from EVLASER manages to guarantee the required result on all the materials typically used in the sector.

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