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MICROMACHINING SOLUTIONS Automotive micromachining applications are widespread for many purposes, for example they are used in the micro-drilling of injector nozzles, in the surface structuring of dashboard and interior molds and in the removal of thin layers (TCO) on glass and many other applications.

INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS The automotive world represents the reference market for LASER marking systems in consideration of the fundamental importance of traceability in this sector. The identification of the details through serial numbers, 1D or 2D barcode, represents the most widespread use in the automotive world. The LASER markers are also used for functional applications, such as the Night & Day marking of buttons, knobs, ceramic components or for the finishing of the parables of the headlights.

The welding of plastics related to the optical groups, instrument panel, keys, pressure sensors for tires or other details is now a consolidated process for its result and its speed.

The variety of materials, metals, plastics, glass, composites used in the production of an automobile represents a problem that finds in the portfolio of EVLASER sources the best solution on the market.

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